By Steve Alexander

Q: I created a new profile in the Google Chrome browser that’s separate from the main profile, which is my wife’s. But now when I use the browser, all of my bookmarks are gone. I tried to export the bookmarks from my wife’s profile, but it didn’t work. How can I get my old bookmarks into my new browser profile, or just delete my new profile?

—Duane Apel, West Bend, Wis.

A: The bookmarks weren’t lost. They simply remained with your wife’s Chrome browser profile, along with the Chrome browser’s history, passwords and any special settings.

Here are three things you can do to solve the problem, rather than recreating all the bookmarks.

Erase your new Chrome profile and once again share your wife’s profile. Your bookmarks and other familiar features will be available again.

To erase your Chrome profile, open the browser and click “profile” icon (often an outline of someone’s head and shoulders.) In the resulting list, choose the “other profiles” icon (looks like a gear wheel). On the square containing your profile name, click the “more” icon (three vertical dots at upper right). Then click delete. When asked to confirm the action, click delete again.

Use another browser to copy your wife’s bookmarks to your profile. Download the Mozilla Firefox browser (see, then import the Chrome bookmarks to Firefox (see

Then open Chrome to your profile and import the Firefox bookmarks to Chrome (see

Q: My friends and I keep a Mac iTunes library of 100,000 CD songs stored on an external hard drive. How can I move the songs and playlists to an iPhone now that Macs don’t use iTunes?

—Charles Geer, Edina, Minn.

A: You’ll need to import your songs to the Mac’s Music app (which replaced iTunes), then use the Finder app to copy the songs to your iPhone (see and The Music app can also import playlists (see

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