This is New Hampshire Audubon’s Rare Bird Alert for Monday, June 13.

A tricolored heron continues to be seen along the coast in Rye and was last reported on June 12, and a white-faced ibis was last seen there on the 7th.

Two least bitterns were reported from along the Rockingham Rail Trail between Route 87 and Halls Mill Road in Newfields on several days during the past week. A least bittern was reported from World End Pond in Salem on June 7, and one was reported from Great Meadow at Beaver Brook in Hollis on June 6.

Two American oystercatchers were seen at Hampton Beach State Park on June 7, and one was seen at Rye Harbor on the 12th. A red knot was seen at Rye Harbor on the 8th.

A greater yellowlegs was seen at Mount Washington Regional Airport in Whitefield on June 10.

A female King Eider that was seen from Pulpit Rocks in Rye on May 22, continued to be seen during the past week, and was last reported on June 12.

A pair of green-winged teal was seen at Airport Marsh in Whitefield on June 9.

A surf scoter was seen at the Wilder Dam on the Connecticut River in Lebanon on June 10.

An Atlantic puffin, and three Arctic terns were seen at the Isles of Shoals during the past week.

A few least terns and piping plovers are nesting at Hampton Beach State Park. If you visit the park, please give these birds room to forage and raise their families.

Two Mississippi kites were seen in Stratham; two were seen in Durham; and one was seen in Greenland, all during the past week.

A black vulture was seen in Westmoreland on June 10.

Seven red crossbills were reported from Dixville on June 7.

A pair of orchard orioles continued to be reported from Bedell Bridge State Park in Haverhill during the past week.

Several Bicknell’s thrushes and fox sparrows were reported from the White Mountains during the past week.


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