This is New Hampshire Audubon’s Rare Bird Alert for Monday, Jan. 27.

A snowy owl was seen at Hampton Beach State Park on Jan. 23 and 25.

A male Bullock’s oriole has been seen visiting a birdfeeder at a private residence in Stratham, and was last reported on Jan. 25. Another oriole was seen in Hampton on the 21st, but it is unknown if it was a Bullock’s or a Baltimore.

A Western tanager continues to be seen at a private residence in Plaistow and was last reported near there on Jan. 20.

An immature red-headed woodpecker was discovered along North River Road near Burley Farm in Epping on Oct. 5, and was last reported on Jan. 27.

To look for the bird, locate the SELT trailhead located north of Burley Farm on North River Road and walk the trail east to a mixed-age forest overlooking a large wetland. Listen for a dry-rattle.

Another immature red-headed woodpecker was seen along Wednesday Hill Road in Durham on the 14th.

A dickcissel continues to be seen with a flock of house sparrows in the bushes near the fence between #5 and #7 at the River’s Edge Estates on Longmeadow Drive in Concord and was last reported on Jan. 21.

A Northern shrike was seen near the junction of Washington and Fowler Streets in Penacook on Jan. 25.

Four Barrow’s goldeneyes were seen north of Stark Landing on the Merrimack River in Manchester on Jan. 21, and three were seen on the 23rd. These birds have been seen as far north as the Notre Dame Bridge, and they are usually seen with common goldeneyes. Another Barrow’s goldeneye was seen at Opechee Bay in Laconia on Jan. 26 and 27, and a hybrid common/Barrow’s goldeneye was seen on Great Bay on the 25th.

Two gadwall were seen at Jackson’s Landing in Durham on Jan. 26, and a Northern pintail was seen along Garland Road in Rye on the 25th.

A wood duck was seen in a wetland along the west side of Red Hill Road in Moultonborough on Jan. 26, and a ring-necked duck was seen in the Spicket River in Salem on the 27th.

A snow goose was seen at Parson’s Creek salt marsh west of Route 1A and Wallis Sands beach in Rye on Jan. 25.

A black-crowned night-heron was seen at North Mill Pond in Portsmouth on Jan. 26.

A semipalmated plover continues to be seen sporadically at Ragged Neck in Rye, and was last reported on Jan. 25. A black-bellied plover was seen at Hampton Harbor on the 25th and 26th.

At least three thick-billed murres, five dovekies, two razorbills, and a black guillemot were seen along the coast on Jan. 25.

Birders on an offshore boat trip in New Hampshire and Massachusetts waters on Jan. 23 reported two Atlantic puffins; two thick-billed murres; 12 common murres; several razorbills; over 700 dovekies; several black guillemots; a lesser black-backed gull; three Iceland gulls; a glaucous gull; and 100 black-legged kittiwakes.

A Glaucous gull was seen in Seabrook near Hampton Harbor on Jan. 25.

Six red crossbills were seen in Gilmanton Iron Works on Jan. 25. Several white-winged crossbills and red crossbills were reported from Coos County during the past week.

Two Lapland longspurs were seen at 14 Pinnacle View Lane in Walpole, and two were seen at Hampton Beach State Park, all on Jan. 25.

Two fish crows were reported from near Hampton Marsh on Jan. 25, and several were reported from Salem during the past week.

Twelve turkey vultures were seen in Exeter on Jan. 25.

Two Black-backed woodpeckers were seen in Errol on Jan. 23.

An ovenbird was photographed in Barnstead on Jan. 21. Two pine warblers were seen in Exeter on the 25th, and one was seen in Kingston on the 23rd.

Lingering migrant species of note that were reported during the past week included: American kestrel, red-shouldered hawk, turkey vulture, belted kingfisher, hermit thrush, gray catbird, winter wren, ruby-crowned kinglet, yellow-rumped warbler, Eastern towhee, song sparrow, chipping sparrow, fox sparrow, field sparrow, swamp sparrow, Savannah sparrow, red-winged blackbird, yellow-bellied sapsucker and Northern flicker.


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