This is New Hampshire Audubon’s Rare Bird Alert for Monday, Feb. 8.

During the Corona virus outbreak N.H. Audubon encourages you to enjoy birding safely; please follow travel and social distance recommendations from state and federal authorities.

A varied thrush was seen at a private residence in Rochester on Feb. 6.

A sage thrasher continues to be seen along the trail at the north end of the Hinsdale Setbacks along the Connecticut River, and was last reported on Feb. 6.

A red-headed woodpecker continues to be seen in trees along fields on Old Concord Road in Henniker, and was last reported on Feb. 3.

A clay-colored sparrow was seen in Concord on Feb. 2.

Two Lapland longspurs were seen in fields across from Horse Meadow Road in North Haverhill on Feb. 4, and one was seen at Mace Hill Road in North Haverhill on the 6th. There has been a flock of 35 horned larks in the same area.

A rough-legged hawk was seen near #158 on Route 63 in Westmoreland on Feb. 3.

Three black vultures were seen in Westmoreland on Feb. 8, and 55 turkey vultures were seen roosting in Exeter on the 6th.

A black-throated blue warbler has been seen visiting a feeder on West Road in Rye and was last reported on Feb. 6. A pine warbler was seen in Rochester on Feb. 3, and one was reported from Auburn on the 6th.

Two Glaucous gulls were seen at Hampton Harbor on Feb. 6.

A dovekie and a thick-billed murre were seen on the coast on Feb. 4, and a razorbill was reported from New Castle on the 8th.

A Barrow’s goldeneye was seen on the Salmon Falls River in Dover on Feb. 5 and 6; one was seen on the Piscataqua River in New Castle on the 6th; one was seen at Sewall’s Falls on the Merrimack River in Concord on the 4th; and two were seen at Stark Landing on the Merrimack River in Manchester on the 5th.

Two gadwall were seen at Jackson’s Landing in Durham on Feb. 7, a lesser scaup was seen at Stark Landing on the Merrimack River in Manchester on the 5th.

Two wood ducks were seen on Little Squam Lake on Feb. 6, and an American wigeon was seen in Nashua on the 7th and 8th.

A flock of 15 Bohemian waxwings was seen in Hanover Center on Feb. 6, a flock of 19 was seen on Stevens Road in Lebanon on the 7th, and a flock of 12 were reported from Meredith on the 8th.

Pine grosbeak sightings during the past week included a flock of 17 in Concord on Feb. 8, a flock of 15 in Rochester on the 4th, and scattered reports of small flocks, typically three to five birds.

White-winged crossbill sightings during the past week included 110 on Pack Monadnock, 20 in Peterborough, 10 in Hancock, and 16 in West Hopkinton. Red crossbill sightings during the past week included 18 in Hancock, 12 in Springfield, and 10 in Hollis. Smaller numbers of both crossbill species were reported from scattered locations during the past week.

Three hoary redpolls were seen at Pinnacle Lane in Walpole on Feb. 4; one was reported from Keene on the 7th; and there continue to be scattered sightings of common redpolls from around the state.

A flock of eight snow buntings was seen in Meredith on Feb. 8.

Late-migrating species reported during the past week included; semipalmated plover, black-bellied plover, merlin, red-shouldered hawk, northern flicker, yellow-bellied sapsucker, hermit thrush, gray catbird, winter wren, ruby-crowned kinglet, field sparrow, white-crowned sparrow, fox sparrow, Savannah sparrow, rusty blackbird, red-winged blackbird, common grackle and fish crow.


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