This is New Hampshire Audubon’s Rare Bird Alert for Monday, Aug. 26.

Two black vultures were seen in Westmoreland on Aug. 24.Three Mississippi kite breeding territories, one each in Durham, Newmarket and Stratham, were established this year. The easiest birds to see are in Durham, usually along Madbury Road near Maple Street, and they were last reported from there on Aug. 25.

A trumpeter swan was discovered at N.H. Audubon’s Abe Emerson Marsh in Candia on April 13 and continues being seen there. It was last reported on Aug. 24.

An American avocet was seen in Rye Harbor and the surrounding area salt marshes on Aug. 17 and 18, and there was a possible sighting of two in Hampton Marsh on the 22nd.

A long-billed dowitcher and a short-billed dowitcher were seen in the Hampton Salt Marsh Conservation Area on Aug. 24.

A Baird’s sandpiper was seen along the coast in Rye on Aug. 22, and one was seen inland in Rochester on the 23rd.

At least four Western sandpipers were seen in coastal Hampton and Rye, and one was seen inland in Rochester, all during the past week.

Six Upland sandpipers were seen at Pease International Tradeport on Aug. 24.

Two pectoral sandpipers were seen with a mixed group of shorebirds at Surrey Lane Marsh, and a lesser yellowlegs was seen with a mixed group of shorebirds at Moore Fields, all in Durham on Aug. 25.

Two black terns were seen at Akers Pond in Errol on Aug. 19.

A parasitic jaeger and at least six unidentified jaegers were seen along the coast in Hampton on Aug. 20.

An immature little blue heron was seen at Rye Harbor on Aug. 23.

Up to three yellow-crowned night-herons were seen along Route 1A in Seabrook during the past week, and a black-crowned night-heron was seen at Mine Falls Park in Nashua on Aug. 20.

Two great egrets were seen in Concord on Aug. 23, and an American bittern was seen in New London on the 22nd.

A female hooded warbler was seen in Penacook on Aug. 25.

A mourning warbler was seen in Webster, and a Wilson’s warbler was seen in Rumney, both on Aug. 21.

Three dickcissels were reported from Woodmont Orchard in Hollis, and one was reported from Berry Bay in Freedom, all on Aug. 20.

Twelve white-winged crossbills were reported from East Inlet in Pittsburg on Aug. 24, and a red crossbill was reported from New London on Aug. 21.

Common nighthawks were reported migrating south all during the past week with high counts of 192 in Concord on Aug. 22; 74 in Hancock on the 24th; and 54 in Durham on the 23rd.


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