This is New Hampshire Audubon’s Rare Bird Alert for Monday, April 6.

During the coronavirus outbreak, New Hampshire Audubon encourages you to enjoy birding safely; please follow travel and social distance recommendations from state and federal authorities.

A greater white-fronted goose was seen flying at Moore Fields on Route 155A in Durham on March 30.

Two sandhill cranes were seen in Willard Hill field in Hillsborough on April 1 but have not been relocated.

A flock of approximately 50 snow geese was seen flying over Sandwich on April 5.

A flock of nine snow geese was seen at Moulton Farm in Moultonborough on April 4.

A snow goose was seen at Horseshoe Pond in Concord on April 6.

A red-headed woodpecker was discovered along North River Road near Burley Farm in Epping on Oct. 5, and was last reported on April 5. To look for the bird, locate the SELT trailhead north of Burley Farm on North River Road and walk the trail east to a mixed-age forest overlooking a large wetland. Listen for a dry-rattle.

Two red-headed woodpeckers were seen together at Bear Brook State Park in Allenstown on April 4.

A northern shrike was seen along Ossipee Mountain Road in Moultonborough on April 5, and one was seen at the Unity County Complex on April 1.

Two black vultures were seen at Mount Wantastiquet in Hinsdale on April 6.

More than 200 turkey vultures were seen migrating north along the coast on April 5.

Two broad-winged hawks were seen in Hancock on April 4, and a pair of northern harriers was reported from Lyme on the 3rd. A northern goshawk was seen in East Kingston on April 2.

A northern shoveler was seen at Horseshoe Pond in Concord on March 31, and an American wigeon was seen here on April 4.

A group of 102 ring-necked ducks were counted on Hopkinton Lake on March 31.

The over-wintering semipalmated plover was seen again in Rye on April 5.

A Virginia rail was reported from Gile Road marsh in Lee on April 3, and one was reported from N.H. Audubon’s Thompson Sanctuary in North Sandwich on April 4.

A white-winged crossbill was reported from Newmarket, and a red crossbill was reported from Pitcher Mountain in Stoddard, both on April 5.

A common yellowthroat was seen at Horseshoe Pond in Concord on April 4.

A palm warbler was seen in Brentwood on April 5t, and one was seen in Amherst on the April 6. Pine warbler sightings increased during the past week.

A northern rough-winged swallow was reported from Brentwood on April 5, and a brown thrasher was seen in Northfield on the April 1.

An American pipit was seen at Woodmont Orchard in Hollis on March 31.

Other species of seasonal note that were reported during the past week included: osprey, American kestrel, merlin, turkey vulture, killdeer, fish crow, eastern phoebe, tree swallow, hermit thrush, gray catbird, ruby-crowned kinglet, winter wren, yellow-rumped warbler, eastern towhee, field sparrow, fox sparrow, Savannah sparrow, yellow-bellied sapsucker, rusty blackbird, and eastern meadowlark.


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