This is New Hampshire Audubon’s Rare Bird Alert for Monday, Jan. 3.

Highlights of the Isles of Shoals Christmas Bird Count, held on Dec. 29, included: five snowy owls, a king eider, 13 harlequin ducks, three dovekies, one common murre, six razorbills, 22 black guillemots, two black-legged kittiwakes, five Iceland gulls, one ruddy turnstone, one downy woodpecker, one peregrine falcon, one common raven, four Carolina wrens, one hermit thrush, 14 European starlings, 100 snow buntings, two dark-eyed juncos, four white-throated sparrows, 19 song sparrows, four swamp sparrows, eight northern cardinals, and three American goldfinches.

Forty dovekies, five common murres, an atlantic puffin, three northern fulmars, and a great shearwater were seen offshore at Jeffrey’s Ledge during the past week, and two dovekies were seen in Rye Harbor on Jan. 1.

Forty-three razorbills and three black guillemots were seen on the Piscataqua River in New Castle on Jan. 2.

A snowy owl was seen in coastal Seabrook and one was seen in coastal Rye, both on Jan. 1.

A short-eared owl was seen at the Dillant-Hopkins Airport in Swanzey on Dec. 31, a rough-legged hawk was seen there Jan. 1, and two northern harriers were seen there on Jan. 2.

A northern shrike was seen at the Whitefield Airport on Jan. 1, and one was seen at N.H. Audubon’s Thompson Sanctuary in Sandwich on Dec. 29.

A lesser black-backed gull was seen at Odiorne Point State Park in Rye on Dec. 27, a glaucous gull was seen in Hampton Harbor on Dec. 31, and two Iceland gulls were reported from the coast on Jan. 2.

A cackling goose was seen with a flock of Canada geese in North Hampton on Dec. 24, and was last reported on Jan. 2. It has been seen in ocean, marsh, lawn, and field habitats. Please note, there is also a smaller Canada goose present which can be confusing. The cackling goose has a short neck, an angular head with a steep forehead and a sloped top and peak to the rear, and a stubby bill.

Eight snow geese were reported from Seabrook on Dec. 31.

Three Barrow’s goldeneyes were seen on Lake Winnisquam on Dec. 31, and three were seen from Stark Landing on the Merrimack River in Manchester on Jan. 3.

Six northern pintails were seen at the Hinsdale bluffs on the Connecticut River on Dec. 29, and four were seen in wetlands adjacent to the Dillant-Hopkins Airport in Swanzey on Jan. 2.

Four American wigeons were seen at the Hinsdale bluffs on the Connecticut River on Dec. 29.

A greater scaup and five lesser scaup were seen on Lake Winnisquam on Jan. 3.

Up to three gadwalls continue to be seen at Meadow Pond in Hampton and were last reported on Jan. 2.

A long-tailed duck was seen at Ledyard Bridge on the Connecticut River in Hanover, two were seen on Lake Winnipesauke, and two were seen on Squam Lake, all on Jan. 2.

Three black-bellied plovers were seen on the coast on Jan. 1.

A Wilson’s snipe was seen at Woodmont Orchard in Hollis on Dec. 31, and one was seen at the Hampton Wastewater Treatment Plant on Jan. 2.

An American bittern was seen in Hampton Marsh on Jan. 2.

A Lapland longspur, 50 snow buntings, and 132 horned larks were seen at Hampton Beach State Park on Jan. 1.

A Lapland longspur was seen at Woodmont Orchard in Hollis on Jan. 1.

Thirty snow buntings and 40 horned larks were seen in fields along North River Road in Milford on Dec. 31.

A dickcissel continued to be seen at a private residence in Rochester during the past week and was last reported from there on Dec. 28.

An orange-crowned warbler, a prairie warbler, and a yellow-rumped warbler were seen again at the Hampton Wastewater Treatment Plant and were last reported on Jan. 2.

A pine warbler was seen again at Odiorne Point State Park in Rye, and a yellow-rumped warbler was seen again in Mont Vernon, both on Jan. 2.

A blue-headed vireo was seen in Westmoreland on Dec. 31.

A bohemian waxwing was seen in Plainfield on Dec. 29.

A red crossbill was seen in Hancock on Dec. 28, and one was seen in Marlborough on Jan. 3. Fifteen white-winged crossbills were reported from Jefferson on Dec. 31.

Two pine grosbeaks were reported from Sugar Hill on Jan. 1 and an evening grosbeak was seen at Newfound Lake on Dec. 31.

An American pipit was seen at the coast, and two were seen in Exeter, on Jan. 3.

Lingering migrants reported during the past week included: double-crested cormorant, great blue heron, green-winged teal, turkey vukture, red-shouldered hawk, fish crow, merlin, ruby-crowned kinglet, yellow-bellied sapsucker, northern flicker, winter wren, marsh wren, hermit thrush, gray catbird, chipping sparrow, Lincoln’s sparrow, field sparrow, vesper sparrow, swamp sparrow, and Savannah sparrow.


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