This is New Hampshire Audubon’s Rare Bird Alert for Monday, May 31.

During the Corona virus outbreak N.H. Audubon encourages you to enjoy birding safely; please follow travel and social distance recommendations from state and federal authorities.

Two Mississippi kites were seen in Durham and two were seen in Stratham, all during the past week.

Two sandhill cranes continue to be seen in Monroe and were last reported on May 30.

A pair of red-headed woodpeckers is nesting in Bear Brook State Park and was last reported on May 27.

An Acadian flycatcher continued to be reported from Gile Road Marsh in Lee during the past week, and was last reported on May 28.

Two American oystercatchers were seen again at the Isles of Shoals on May 27; a common murre and a razorbill were seen there on the 28th; and two Arctic terns were seen there on the 30th.

An adult little blue heron was seen at Deer Hill Wildlife Management Area in Brentwood on May 26, and a green heron was seen at Airport Marsh in Whitefield on May 28.

A least bittern was again reported from Great Meadow in Beaver Brook in Hollis on May 28, and one was reported from the Hinsdale Setbacks on the Connecticut River on May 30.

Two black-crowned night-herons were seen near Airport Road in Swanzey on May 27.

A common gallinule was seen on the coast just south of Odiorne Point State Park on May 30, and one continues to be seen at Cranberry Ponds in West Lebanon and was last reported on the 29th.

A black-bellied plover was seen at the Hinsdale Setbacks on the Connecticut River on May 26, and a common tern was seen here on the 30th.

A black tern was seen from Fort Stark in New Castle on May 29, and one was seen near Seal Rocks in Rye on the 30th.

Two Caspian terns were seen off of Pulpit Rocks in Rye on May 29.

A ruddy duck continues to be seen at the Exeter Wastewater Treatment Plant and was last reported on May 31. Foot traffic only — leave vehicle in parking lot and walk in.

A flock of 10 red crossbills was reported from Newmarket on May 27; one was seen in Brentwood on the 28th; and one was seen in Marlborough on the 25th. A white-winged crossbill was reported from Dublin on the 31st.

Two grasshopper sparrows were reported from Woodmont Orchard in Hollis on May 28, and two were reported from the Concord Airport on the 27th.

An orchard oriole was seen at Bedell Bridge State Park in Haverhill on May 27.

Two olive-sided flycatchers were seen in Brookline on May 28.

An American pipit was seen in Orford on May 30.

Two Bicknell’s thrushes were reported from the Caps Ridge Trail off of Jefferson Notch Road in the White Mountains on May 26, and one was reported from Dixville Notch on the 29th.

Several birders reported the expected resident boreal species from northern sites during the past week, including: spruce grouse. black-backed woodpecker, Canada jay, and Boreal chickadee.


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