This is New Hampshire Audubon’s Rare Bird Alert for Monday, Nov. 1.

A Harris’s sparrow was discovered at Great Bay Farm in Greenland on Oct. 20, and was last reported there on the 31st.

Nineteen cattle egrets were seen with cows in the fields at Runnymede Farm in North Hampton on Nov. 1.

Two snowy egrets were seen in Hampton Harbor on Nov. 1. A great egret was reported from Cunningham Pond in Peterborough on Oct. 28, and one or two have been seen along the coast during the past week.

The three sandhill cranes seen in the fields near the intersection of Route 156 and Ledge Farm Road in Nottingham were last reported on Oct. 26.

A dovekie was seen at Rye Harbor State Park on Oct. 30, and a razorbill was seen from New Castle on Oct. 28.

A black-legged kittiwake was photographed at Wilson Pond in Swanzey on Oct. 27.

An Iceland gull was seen along the coast in Rye on Oct. 29 and 30.

Two laughing gulls were seen on the coast in Rye on Oct. 26.

Two long-billed dowitchers were seen at Mile Long Pond on the Androscoggin River in Errol on Oct. 26, but only one was seen there on the 31st. Two black-bellied plovers and a lesser yellowlegs were seen at Mile Long Pond on the 27th.

A Baird’s sandpiper was seen at Rye Harbor State Park on Oct. 30 and 31, and 11 lesser yellowlegs were seen at Hampton Marsh on Nov. 1.

A least sandpiper, two semipalmated sandpipers, and two spotted sandpipers were seen at the Exeter Wastewater Treatment Plant during the past week. There is no vehicle access. Park in the main parking lot. Walk-in on the access roads and do not walk anywhere else.

Three semipalmated sandpipers were seen at Hampton Beach on Nov. 1, and two were seen at Rye Ledge on Oct. 31.

A spotted sandpiper was seen in Penacook on Oct. 29, and one was seen at the Thorne Pond Conservation Area in Bartlett on the 28th.

The three American coots and three ruddy ducks seen in Moultonborough on Oct. 21 were seen several times since then and were last reported on the 30th.

Two ruddy ducks were seen at Eel Pond in Rye on the 31st.

A male northern pintail continues to be seen on Dorrs Pond in Manchester and was last reported on Oct. 26. A few white-winged scoters, black scoters and scaups were reported from inland sites during the past week.

Two black vultures were seen near Thirty Pines in Penacook on Oct. 31, and four were seen along the Connecticut River in Walpole on Nov. 1.

A golden eagle was seen from Pack Monadnock on Oct. 28.

An American kestrel was seen in Orford and one was seen in Plainfield, both on Oct. 30, and one was seen in Laconia on Nov. 1.

Hawk migration is still under way and observers have already counted over 9,278 raptors from the Pack Monadnock Raptor Migration Observatory. Be sure to visit and help the official counters. Now is a good time to watch for migrating golden eagles.

Fifty-six white-winged crossbills were reported from Pack Monadnock on Oct. 29, and two red crossbills were reported from Weare on Oct. 28.

Small flocks of snow buntings and horned larks were seen at Hampton Beach State Park on Oct. 31. A few American tree sparrows were reported during the past week.

Lingering migrants reported during the past week included eastern phoebe, barn swallow, yellow-bellied sapsucker, house wren, gray catbird, Swainson’s thrush, Lincoln’s sparrow, and pine warbler.


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