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You never know what will find its way into a humane trap – you could end up with a skunk.

Editor’s note: The following column was originally published in the New Hampshire Union Leader on Sept. 19, 1987.

WE LIVE NEXT DOOR to the Monadnock Region Humane Society and it not infrequently happens that someone tosses an unwanted cat from their car. Our Sheltie, Sir Sidney, takes umbrage when cats even cast their shadow upon his territory. There is no sanctuary here for, upon discovery of such a trespasser, he raises a mighty uproar and proceeds instantly to “have at them” if, and that’s a big “if,” he can catch them. Frankly, I’m pleased to report that his success rate in making such a capture is very low. However, that means if I can’t cajole the feline into coming to me, then I have to resort to using a Havahart trap.