Schilling Beer Co. named a best 'ski town' brewery by Ski Magazine

Staff at the Schilling Beer Co. enjoy some of the beers on tap at the brewery, which was named one of the top ski-town best breweries in the U.S. in the January 2015 issue of Ski Magazine.

LITTLETON — Less than two years old, the Schilling Beer Co. has earned still more praise for its brews based on centuries-old European recipes with Ski Magazine recently naming SBC one of six craft brewers in the U.S. who are “perfecting the craft — literally.”

In the “après” section of its January 2015 issue, lifestyle editor Samantha Berman hails “The New New Ski-Town Breweries,” among them Pfriem Family Brewers, Bend, Ore.; Storm Peak Brewing, Steamboat, Colo.; Roaring Fork Beer, Carbondale, Colo.; Broken Compass Brewing, Breckinridge, Colo.; June Lake Brewing: June Lake, Calif.; and Schilling.

Berman briefly describes each brewery, with notes about its beer and “signature brews.”

As to the beer at Schilling, Berman said it combines science and “age-old brewing techniques” to produce small-batch beers while “reviving old Continental styles.” She describes Schilling’s Kamarade Baltic Porter as “malty and strong,” and gives special mention to the Erastus, a Belgian trippel.

Jeff Cozzens, Schilling Beer Co.’s chief executive officer, said he was thrilled with and honored by the recognition from Ski Magazine, but noted it’s not the first time folks have said some really nice things about the company he and his extended family opened on Sept. 26, 2013, in a former grist mill on the banks of the Ammonoosuc River.

In its brief history, Schilling has produced more than three dozen specialty beers, several of which went on to receive “100” ratings from Beer Advocate. New Hampshire Magazine honored Schilling as a “Best of 2014” and TripAdvisor gives the brewery a rating of 4.5 stars out of five.

Schilling Beer arguably represents the successful intersection of passion and science.

The company began with the friendship between Cozzens and John Lenzini, who is Schilling’s head brewer and president. The men were classmates at Traverse Senior High School in Michigan and then attended the University of Indiana together as undergrads, where Lenzini began home brewing.

While Cozzens went on to become an expert in militant Islam and other forms of extremism, Lenzini earned degrees in chemistry and German, which has let him read and translate old German beer recipes.

The men always had it in their minds to open a brewery, and after years of planning and extensive market research, they decided to open shop in Littleton.

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