Governor’s Conference on Tourism

Market researcher David Seiferth talks about better ways to market New Hampshire during a presentation Tuesday at the Governor’s Conference on Tourism in Hanover.

HANOVER — Innovation is in the spotlight this week during the Governor’s Conference on Tourism, held at the Hanover Inn, an event bringing together businesses and industry professionals in an effort to boost tourism and the economy.

The three-day conference, which started Monday, seeks to connect New Hampshire tourism destinations with companies that can help them grow and expand while attracting people from New England and beyond.

Put on by the New Hampshire Travel Council, the event draws dozens of exhibitors who gather to promote New Hampshire as a premier destination.

According to David Seiferth, of the research firm SMARInsights, that can mean being able to adjust the messaging depending on the audience.

For example, since the Boston-area market already knows about New Hampshire, the type of marketing needed might be as simple as letting people in Boston know when the Granite State ski resorts have good snow, Seiferth said.

“You could just say, ‘It snowed today,’” he said.

New Hampshire’s offerings include outdoor activities like skiing and hiking, as well as numerous fairs and festivals throughout the year.

Cayley Lord, a professional with the Manchester-based digital marketing firm SilverTech, said she was initially surprised by the number of attractions New Hampshire has to offer.

Like many at the conference, she attended in hopes of finding new business opportunities.

“It’s been great to meet people and learn about the tourism industry,” she said.