Hughes Mud Racing's green Chevy truck powers its way through a mud bog, sending mud flying at the Belknap Fairgrounds in Belmont on Saturday.  

BELMONT - Those who love to mix horsepower and mud turned out Saturday for the inaugural Monster Mash truck show and mud bog at the Belknap Fairgrounds.

Event promoter and monster truck connoisseur Jeff Bursey of Pittsfield said he teamed with the 4-H Fairgrounds to bring a family-friendly event to the Lakes Region.

Bursey owns and drives Towasaurus Wrex, a 1941 Willys tow truck that has been transformed into a monster truck that stands 10 feet, 6 inches tall.

The truck, which features a fiberglass body, is 12 feet wide and tips the scales at 11,500 pounds.

It's powered by a big-block Chevy engine built by Mike St. George of Pittsfield that generates 1,000 horsepower and produces a deafening roar to prove it.

Fueled by methanol, Bursey concedes the mileage his truck gets is abysmal, requiring 75 gallons of fuel to drive a mile.

But when Bursey buckles on his helmet, climbs aboard the behemoth and fires it up, the crowd watches in awe as its four 66-inch tires - they're 43 inches wide - pancake a line-up of junk cars donated by Rusty's Towing of Tilton and Al's Towing of Laconia.

Two other trucks joined in the fun and soon reduced the cars to nearly unrecognizable slabs of metal.

The fun then shifted to the mud. A lengthy pit about 10 feet deep had been dug and 6,000 gallons of water added, making for a quagmire that stopped some of the lesser-powered machines within feet of their entering.

The high-powered trucks, equipped with heavy-duty suspensions, roared through the muck while sending mud and water flying to the delight of the crowd.

Bursey said Saturday's event - under sunny skies and with fall foliage still very much in evidence - was the first he'd organized single-handedly.

He said he hopes that the partnership with the fairgrounds will continue so similar shows can be held locally, perhaps twice a year.