Through the Doors

Through the Doors will take over the Flying Monkey by popular demand on Saturday at 7:30 p.m. Tickets start at $20.

Through The Doors is a multi-media tribute to Jim Morrison and The Doors  and has been touring since 1980. This spot on re-creation never ceases to startle even the seasoned crew. And it starts right away: In the darkened theater, well before the band has taken the stage, anticipation  runs hot and the chanting for “Jim” begins. Perhaps it is the audiences’ overwhelming desire to experience a true “Resurrection” that fuels the flames. Or, attribute it if you must, to a legend that survives, even grows, some 40 years after the mysterious death of James Douglas Morrison and the dissolution of his band. Through The Doors are making their way back to the Flying Monkey by  popular demand after multiple full houses have experienced their-creation of the sound, look and "feel" of an actual Doors concert. Don't miss this one!