NUCLEAR ENERGY in the United States is safe, clean, and reliable — more so than at any time since its introduction as a clean power source.

Despite being one of the most effective and secure forms of clean energy, we don’t often hear about U.S. nuclear power in the news. This is the case with the Seabrook Station nuclear power plant, which has provided New England communities with safe, reliable, environmentally friendly, low-cost power with a record free of safety violations for 29 years.

Thanks to vigilant oversight and hundreds of skilled and experienced IBEW workers who provide the day-to-day work, routine maintenance and security, Seabrook provides safe, reliable, and efficient power to our communities. These workers have invested their lives in keeping New England’s energy needs reliable and safe.

The plant’s workers are the best source on safety and efficiency. They wouldn’t work at Seabrook if it wasn’t safe, nor would they want their homes powered by Seabrook if this was the case. For their sake and their community’s sake, they would blow the whistle if there was a problem. Instead, these workers fully support keeping the plant open so that it can continue to serve New England with the most modern, efficient, and clean power available.

The workers at Seabrook keep the plant safe and efficient 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, and they feel strongly that Seabrook’s license should be extended for another 20 years.

The IBEW workers at Seabrook aren’t just proud of the work they do but are also proud to work in an industry that doesn’t damage our environment.

We know the harm caused by fossil fuels and their dangerous emissions. Carbon dioxide emissions contribute to harmful global warming and climate change. Combustion of fossil fuels produces harmful emissions such as nitrogen oxides, which cause acid rain. Although natural gas is less damaging than oil or coal, experts contend that the drilling and extraction of natural gas results in methane leakage.

Nuclear energy is an important, clean and safe alternative that does not negatively impact our environment.

It is speculated that if Seabrook was closed, the region’s power needs would be replaced. This decision would move us on a backwards path to environment degradation.

Currently, Seabrook accounts for nearly 60 percent of New England’s electrical power needs. Just imagine the damage to our environment, our health, and our lives if it was substituted.

As all six New England states grapple with how to achieve ambitious emissions-reduction goals, it’s unclear how these objectives can be accomplished with an energy source far less clean than nuclear power.

Maintaining the sustainable energy produced by the Seabrook Station nuclear power plant is good for New England. It provides the region with clean and safe energy, creates jobs, and stimulate the economy.

IBEW workers fully support keeping the plant open and the public should trust that the plant is in good hands with highly skilled professionals who are the best in the business.

Lou Antonellis is business manager of IBEW Local 103; Denis Beaudoin Sr. is business manager of IBEW Local 490; and Steve Soule is business manager of IBEW Local 2320.