AS A FORMER mayor, I think a good first term deserves another, and based on what she has accomplished in her first term, I’m proud to support Mayor Joyce Craig for reelection.

Serving your first term as mayor of Manchester is a unique challenge. The first two years are a true test of the dedication, ability to unite different parts of the city and the hard work the new mayor is willing to put into leading our city. As I watch Joyce Craig in her first term, I’m reminded of the difficult decisions and challenges I faced during my first term, and I am constantly impressed with the progress she has been able to achieve in her first two years.

I’m proud to support Mayor Craig for a second term because her hard work and vision is paying off and building a stronger Manchester. Joyce approaches every decision she makes with a true love for our wonderful city, and she approaches running the city with a strong vision of what our city can become.

An effective mayor looks at the needs of the city and works to build on what is working, and to fix what isn’t. Like me, Joyce got her start in this line of work by looking at what the city needed. She ran for the school board after seeing issues in her children’s classrooms that needed fixing.

The best way to start a project is to sit down and create a strategic plan for what you hope to accomplish. Whether in the public or private sector, good planning yields good results. I’ve noticed that Mayor Craig is bringing a solid strategic plan to many different aspects of life in Manchester.

Manchester’s new comprehensive plan is based on community outreach. For the first time ever, Manchester Proud is working to develop a community-led strategic plan for our public schools. And Joyce has even worked to develop the first master plan for the city’s sidewalk infrastructure. She is putting in the vital work required for our city to plan for the future and keep growing stronger.

Economically, our city has only grown stronger under Mayor Craig’s leadership. Manchester is a hub for northern New England, and we are seeing an expansion of our city that is bringing more businesses, residents and visitors to our city. Part of that success is spurred on by the success of the arts and culture our city is seeing.

Mayor Craig’s ability to form partnerships is doing great things for our city. I have a dear love of the Palace Theatre and it brings me great joy to see the city join them to rejuvenate the Rex Theatre and expand the opportunities to see new performances in Manchester. As mayor, I worked to help save the Palace, and it has left a lasting impact on our city. In the coming years we will see how great this additional performance space will be for the Queen City.

We are also seeing an unprecedented boom in construction. I remember growing up as the city was recovering from the closure of the mills and it is inspiring to see them continue to be a hub of technology and innovation with the help of Mayor Craig. We’ve seen the first new development in decades in the Millyard with the SNHU parking garage and new hotel.

We need more leaders like Joyce, who listen more and talk less. I have a deep respect for her as a leader who sits in the middle of the circle, listens to the needs, advice and vision of those in the city and acts in a way that brings people together on the common goal of continuing to improve our city.

I have walked in her shoes, I have watched different mayors lead this city, and I have seen what Joyce Craig has been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time. Every mayor has made great steps forward for our city, and in her first term, Mayor Craig has a record of success that is making the Queen City stronger.

As someone who has always had a deep love Manchester, and knows our city as a place to be proud of, I support the dedication and passion for the success of our city that Joyce Craig brings to City Hall. On Nov. 5, I hope you join me in voting to reelect our wonderful mayor: Joyce Craig.

Dr. Sylvio Dupuis is a former mayor of Manchester.