ON JULY 29, Governor Sununu vetoed HB 105 and HB 106; two bills that repealed protections for Granite Staters in the voting booth. He was right to do so.

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HB105 and HB106 would have eliminated voter identification laws in New Hampshire, where we currently have the least strict Voter ID laws in the entire country. A “domicile” legally means, someone who identifies themselves and all of their interests in a particular area and performs the duties of a citizen.

Elections should be decided by those that have a vested interest in New Hampshire. HB 1264, which was ruled legally sound in court, makes one change, it takes out the words “for the indefinite future” from state law for voter residency requirements.

This language changes nothing for the residents of New Hampshire, but does ensure that someone who is voting in New Hampshire must plan to live in New Hampshire and do all of the acts a normal citizen would do.

SB 3, which is being heard in court later this year, solidifies what is required of a “domiciled” resident of New Hampshire. It clarifies the requirements to be considered domiciled for voting purposes.

These provisions include evidence of residency, whether it be a letter from an institution, evidence of enrolling a minor into a public institution, identifying the place as your address on your federal tax form, or evidence of arranging for a homeless shelter.

The bill asks for evidence of a prolonged stay in New Hampshire where one would be exemplifying what a domiciled citizen of a state would do. SB 3 also gives a 30-day period to provide documentation after voting to ensure that those who could not provide documentation at the time of voting can still participate in the election process.

If one cannot provide proof of domicile after 30 days, then the person will be removed from the checklist of voting residents.

These protections are necessary to preserve the integrity of New Hampshire’s elections.

New Hampshire needs to adopt these policies to ensure that our elections are decided by the people who have a long-term interest in the health of the Granite State. People who have no stock in New Hampshire are temporarily staying here, voting in our elections, and never make an effort to become a domiciled citizen of New Hampshire.

The people of New Hampshire need to take control of their elections and say enough is enough, New Hampshire’s domiciled should be the ones who elect our officials.

We have all seen the way that people who do not live in New Hampshire flock to our polls on election day and swing our elections.

People should have to provide some sort of documentation that they are performing the actions a normal citizen of any state would be performing to be voting in our elections. We need these protections to make sure our elections are ours. We cannot let outside forces influence the way New Hampshire governs itself by allowing non-domiciled residents to vote in New Hampshire.

The Granite State has a choice; to protect the integrity of our elections through voter residency proof requirements, or risk continuing letting people who are not domiciled residents of New Hampshire swing our elections. We urge the voters of New Hampshire to join Republicans in supporting voter identification laws.

We live in the state with the fewest protections against voter fraud in the entire country and it has allowed out-of-staters to influence our elections for far too long. Republicans are trying to do better for our state, let’s join them.

Zachary Spaulding is vice chairman of CD2, New Hampshire Federation of College Republicans. Hayden Harrington is chairman, UNH College Republicans.