This is what you get

To the Editor: School funding — where is the money going to come from?

This problem has been building for years by politicians mandating things for the school.

I used to bring my lunch to school but that was not good enough because some student might be going hungry.

And much more.

Then it was decided the state had a duty to give every child an adequate education.

I saw that is about $3,600 per student. Using 2017 figures for Hillsborough of 1,122 students, that would be $4,039,200 from the state.

ConVal estimates they spend more than $18,000 per student but are only asking for $9,929 per student in 2020 and more the next year.

In Hillsborough, that would raise the amount from the state to $11,140,338.

Where would that additional $7,101,138 come from?

The taxpayers, of course.

The Democrats are in their glory because this gives them their dream of a sales tax, an income tax or both and maybe more.

Any resistance will result in an attack on that person for not caring about children, schools, and anything else they can think of.

Democrats have wanted these taxes for years and they knew what they were doing when they passed all these mandates one at a time. And the one judge that made this ruling based on what he started was likely appointed to the bench by a Democrat.

This is what you get by voting Democrat or not voting.

Think about that the next election.