AS KAMALA HARRIS often says, the most powerful tool at the disposal of a President is the microphone that she holds, and the greatest strength anyone can exert is to lift someone up. By this measure and many others, the strongest candidate for President of the United States is Kamala Harris.

Lifting others up has been the theme of Kamala’s life in public service. From championing one of the first re-entry initiatives in the country, to officiating the first legal same-sex marriage in California, to winning the largest settlement of any state from big banks that preyed on vulnerable homeowners, Kamala has lifted up all kinds of Americans with her bold actions.

Kamala has brought this tenacity for helping families to the United States Senate, proposing a pair of innovative bills that would bring immediate relief to millions of working Americans. Under her LIFT Act, middle-class families would receive a monthly tax credit of up to $500, which would lift roughly 9 million people out of poverty. Here in New Hampshire, the LIFT Act would help nearly half of Granite State families and 160,000 children.

And under her Rent Relief Act, individuals paying more than 30 percent of their income in rent would receive another tax credit. When Kamala is President, she will repeal Trump’s trillion dollar tax cut for the wealthy, pass the LIFT Act and the Rent Relief Act, and lift up millions of Americans, and nearly half of all New Hampshire renters, who have been burdened by rising rent costs and stagnant wages.

In my years as a New Hampshire legislator and Democratic Party activist, I have seen how some of the most dire issues facing our state and our country remain unaddressed. And prior to joining the New Hampshire House, I spent over three decades as a school guidance counselor.

I know firsthand how parents’ inability to afford extremely high rent affects the well-being of children. I routinely spoke with parents who wanted nothing more than to provide for their families, but needed a little boost to keep putting food on the table. I have also witnessed how these problems reverberate throughout a community and keep Manchester families up at night. That’s why we need tangible solutions for these issues — not lofty ideals.

Kamala has clear, tangible proposals to address these problems that hold back our communities.

Coupled with her profound ability to lift people and help them with their day-to-day lives is Kamala’s extraordinary ability to hold bad actors accountable. Some of these inspiring moments have come on the Senate Judiciary Committee, where she has shown her ability to prosecute a case. Seeing Jeff Sessions, Brett Kavanaugh, and Bill Barr struggle to respond to her questioning, I could not help but feel a flurry of excitement imagining Kamala taking the debate stage alongside Donald Trump and prosecuting the case against four more years of his presidency. It is no wonder that Democratic voters have selected her as the “most strong” candidate in this race.

Kamala has a clear vision of the future, and she has demonstrated a unique mastery of every dimension of strength. In the face of an exceedingly harmful administration, her passion for truth, justice, and helping families is exactly what the United States of America needs.

New Hampshire state Rep. Patricia Cornell represents Hillsborough County District 18.