There is one presidential candidate whose New Hampshire appearances we bet you didn’t get to see. Any guesses? His birthday is tomorrow, Feb. 12.

Abraham Lincoln, on the way to visit his son at Phillips Exeter Academy in 1860, gave speeches in Concord, Dover, and Manchester. Followups to his Cooper Union speech in New York, the New Hampshire speeches galvanized support, prompted N.H. delegates to vote for Lincoln at the Chicago convention, and that November “flipped” New Hampshire from Democratic to Republican.

Apparently no one told Lincoln or the nation that New Hampshire was “too white” for his anti-slavery, pro-union platform.

Today, New Hampshire voters have another chance to affect political history. On the Republican side, voters can either show the nation they are energized for Donald Trump or they can vote for Bill Weld (or write in Mitt Romney) to show their displeasure.

On the Democratic side, voters have many reasons to be motivated, chief among them the opportunity to show by turning out that elections matter here. A strong turnout is the best answer we can give to those who claim New Hampshire ought not go first.

And who knows? Perhaps 160 years after A. Lincoln, voters here may set the presidential path for another quiet and thoughtful Midwesterner, this time a woman whose name also starts with an A.

Monday, February 17, 2020
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The existing Manchester school board will meet at Memorial High this Thursday night to review and possibly accept the Manchester Proud group’s plans. How a future school board will be constituted is the work of the new School District Charter Commission. And its nine members want to hear from you.

Sunday, February 16, 2020
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Recently proposed New Hampshire legislation would toughen criminal sentences for drunk or drugged drivers in incidents in which someone dies. Emotional testimony at the bill’s hearing suggested that such a law might have prevented these deaths.

Friday, February 14, 2020

The Presidential Primary post-mortems have piled up like yesterday’s snow and ice and will soon melt away. Predictably, the national pundits have again learned little. They have gone right back to relying on national polls to tell us who has any chance to gain the Democratic nomination.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

In addition to opposing Hillary Clinton in 2016, Donald Trump was favored by many Americans who simply cried “enough!” at the duplicitous and spendthrift ways of both Republicans and Democrats. Voters, it seems, were tired of being bought off with their own money.

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