Tiger woods celebrates

Tiger Woods celebrates on the 18th hole after winning the 2019 Masters.

Granite Staters love stories of comebacks and redemption as much as anyone. In politics, think of John McCain coming off the mat to win the Presidential Primary. In space, think of Derry’s Alan Shepard fighting back from a medical washout to lead a mission to land on the moon. And hit a golf ball there!

The Tiger Woods’ story ranks right up there. A young man who had the world in his hand lost it all with poor moral choices, daunting physical challenges, and what must have been crushing self-doubt.

Somehow, he turned himself around, remarkably so on the golf course and apparently so off it, too, where he seems to be a loving father and most certainly a more humble soul.

It is a bit premature for Woods to be receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom, but the current President may be hoping for a few more strokes in their next match.

Meanwhile, Tiger Woods gave us all a wonderful story on Palm Sunday, 2019. We wish him well.