Our new Union Leader Headliners program opened on a high note last week with a conversation with New Hampshire-based comic Juston McKinney. For a nationally-known comedian, he sure talks funny.

By that, we mean McKinney doesn’t rely on low-brow, obscenity-laced rants for his humor. That is certainly an exception in this age when the “f-bomb” is dropped more often than a hot plate.

McKinney reminds us a bit of two other American humorists: Jerry Seinfeld and Mark Twain. Like them, he bases his work on keen observations of everyday life, which for him includes a longtime marriage and two sons.

Seinfeld and Twain did OK. We expect McKinney to do so as well. To be sure, there are a few off-color lines in his act, but they are much more the exception than the rule.

He actually works at his craft, placing value on writing and honing pieces to which audiences can relate. Having been a police officer in Maine for several years, and coming from a home that was broken by his mom’s early death and his father’s descent into alcoholism (recovering) and homelessness, he has plenty of material and is able to be positive about it.

We wish him the best (he’s playing the Palace in October) and thank him and our business editor-turned-host, Mike Cote, for an enjoyable and stimulating evening.