The so-called operating budget “horse trading’’ that will now take place between budget versions offered by New Hampshire’s House and Senate ought to first trade in this donkey for something taxpayers can tolerate.

Besides adding such non-germane items as a super-zoning board (see related editorial), this budget does a number on businesses and expands welfare spending.

Nix the housing board: Issue shouldn't be in state budget

Gov. Chris Sununu fashioned a none-too-lean budget of $12.686 billion for the next two years, coming from the state general fund, education trust fund, and other state and federal funding sources.

That isn’t nearly enough for the Democrats running the Legislature this year. It is millions less than either the House or Senate versions, which weigh in at $13 billion.

Business tax cuts already on the books would be taken away by the Democrats. Under the guise of “family leave,’’ they would give us our first income tax.

And a second promise to limit expanded Medicaid spending would also be ripped asunder.

Perhaps they realize that passing such a beauty will lead to their party’s defeat in 2020, so they are striking while they can. Gov. Sununu is going to need all the public support he can get to stop this disaster.