We are a little slow on the political uptake at times, which is why we at first didn’t understand the vehement and totally negative reaction to the Starbucks Coffee founder saying he might run for President, as an independent.

Democrats were at full throat immediately. The coffee king, Howard Schultz, in our view is a fairly liberal guy. He has been a Democrat in good standing, until he said he would run as an independent, eschewing both major political parties.

Democrats don’t want that. They think Schultz would siphon votes away from whichever of the 2,346 candidates (at last count) are running for their 2020 nomination. That would mean, horrors!, that Donald Trump, if he runs, could win a second term.

Therefore, Schultz is a (expletive deleted).

Trump supporters, however, shouldn’t feel too smug. Even if he doesn’t face a primary challenge of his own, Trump could also be vulnerable to an independent.

Don’t think so?

“Americans consistently say they want a third option,’’ read a Wall Street Journal guest opinion the other day.

“But in 2016 many felt forced to choose the lesser of two evils.”

The authors concede that independent candidates haven’t got a great track record. “But in 2016 an average of 76 million Americans tuned in to each of the three general-election debates. If Mr. Schultz is the clear winner on stage in 2020, throw the rule book for independent candidates out the window.”

“With a credible and well-funded campaign, (he) just might assure Americans they finally can vote for a candidate who inspires them instead of voting against a candidate they fear.”

This could get interesting. Wonder what would happen if Howard Schultz put a few of his dollars into a write-in effort in the New Hampshire presidential primaries?