When we commended Nashua’s school board last week for OK’ing cadet air-rifle training on school property (in a field out back), we expected another shoe to drop.

It came — from other students. Well, good for the Nashua High North students for speaking up.

We don’t agree with their opposition to the program but we admire them for taking a position. Too many people today, young and old alike, just don’t care to get involved — in anything.

This could be a “teachable moment” in which those running and participating in the Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps become the teachers.

Students opposed to the program say they are terrified by shootings that have occurred at other schools. “We feel,” said one, “that having rifles like this on campus is normalizing weapons at our school.”

In fact, teaching young people about firearms, their proper use, their role in protecting lives, the reason for the Second Amendment, etc. is needed to counter the anti-gun hysteria that threatens us all. Instructors and cadets in the Junior ROTC program ought to be recruited to explain why their air rifle training is integral to the program and why more education about guns and gun safety is a good thing.