Anyone who doesn’t swallow whole the environmentally extremist view of man’s contributions to climate change is, of course, a climate “denier.” By the same token, anyone in New Hampshire who thinks voting laws are needed to protect voting is trying to “suppress the vote.”

Manchester Atty. Brad Cook made note of this phenomenon in a recent column in the New Hampshire Business Review. He spoke of recent efforts to make sure students voting here actually live here. “Several simple questions reveal the political aims of the college student voting issue,” Cook wrote, “whatever one’s voting persuasion might be.” Paraphrasing Cook, here are his questions.

1. Where do most out-of-state college students come from? Massachusetts and surrounding states.

2. How do most college students vote? Democratic.

3. For what presidential candidate do these other states tend to vote? Usually the Democrat.

4. If the college students voted in their home states, would they make any difference in the outcome in that state? No.

The answers, Cook wrote, show the real purpose of those wanting to overturn our voting laws.

New Hampshire has only four electoral votes, but “they can be important. The goal is too allow the college students to vote here where it might make a difference.“