It will be a shame for New Hampshire if Secretary of State William Gardner isn’t reelected today. It will be a shame on them if certain legislators of either party choose not to step up and be counted in the vote.

We can understanding how difficult a vote this may be for some. The Democratic Party is applying maximum pressure (we’re told Maggie Hassan has been calling on behalf of Gardner’s opponent). It will truly be a profile in courage for those Democrats, representatives and senators, to buck the tide and instead go with the facts.

The facts are all in favor of Gardner. He followed the law regarding town meeting schedules. He helped derail the Trump election con. And he has presided over a clean election system that regularly has high voter turnouts.

Republican state representatives and senators should also back Gardner and should not stay away because they think this is not their fight or they actually want to see a divisive political agitator take the office and make a mess of it.

New Hampshire is lucky to have William Gardner. New Hampshire’s legislators should keep him.