Jeanne Shaheen is usually a savvy politician so by the time this piece is published, she may have already apologized for and separated herself from a stupid and insulting statement made by Chuck Schumer. If she doesn’t, we predict this incident will haunt her right through the 2020 election.

Senate Democratic Leader Schumer used a fundraising email for Shaheen to denigrate a much-honored American soldier specifically and, by implication, all those who served with him.

Retired U.S. Brigadier General Donald Bolduc is a decorated and highly skilled soldier who is going to be in New York this week as he and the nation commemorate the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on America.

Immediately after 9/11, Bolduc was on his way to Afghanistan as one of a dozen special operations fighters who rode on horseback to strike the first blows against the Taliban who had aided and abetted Osama bin Laden.

Bolduc would return for nine more tours in Afghanistan, serve there as combined joint special operations component commander and serve in special operations, Africa, as well. He was awarded five Bronze Stars, two Purple Hearts, and — until Chuck “The Brave” Schumer’s smear — the thanks of a grateful nation.

But to Schumer — and Shaheen unless and until she apologizes — Bolduc, a candidate for Shaheen’s seat, is nothing more than “a retired military general who would fit right in with the authoritarian culture that’s taking root in Washington.”

On the contrary, Bolduc and the other men and women of our armed services fight and sometimes die in order to protect American freedom, not repeal it.

Shaheen should be ashamed of herself.