Bear with us on this one, dear animal lovers, but the Merrimack police, with guidance from Fish and Game, were right to shoot the bruin that was getting their goat last week.

A Union Leader story reported that social media was abuzz with negative comments about taking the bear because the bear had attacked a goat at a residence. The police explained:

“Our biggest concern was for the children in the area, and we did not want to chance a child, or anything else, being harmed by this bear. It was not feasible to tranquilize and trap the bear. The Merrimack Police Department values all life, including wild animals, but our No. 1 concern is human life — that is why this decision was made.”

We agree. It’s just lucky for the police that there were no Free Staters in the area to hold up signs telling residents to bear false witness to the fuzz if asked about the bear’s whereabouts.