Bedford’s Town Council is offering its taxpayers a chance to add six new employees as part of a $31.2 million budget. It wants to hire a human resources director, a police department watch commander, a police dispatcher, an equipment operator, a public works truck driver, and an administrative technician.

Oh, the budget would also make a part-time children’s library position full time. Did we mention the public works business manager? That post was filled in the middle of last year. This doesn’t count the bonding and the purchase of new dump trucks.

We don’t mean to single out Bedford, but it serves as an example of town and school district officials putting together spending plans that, if taxpayers aren’t careful, will lead to higher and higher taxes.

Politicians at the state level are doing more of the same. The Department of Safety wants to hire three new positions for its “cold case” efforts.

Taxes are best controlled locally. The taxpayers of Bedford need to look long and hard at the town council shopping list before next month’s annual meeting. We’re sure it would be nice to have all these new positions, but how many are really needed and at what cost?

As for the state, three more cold-case positions? Really? How about one?

The siren song of a statewide personal income tax can be heard across the land.

It will promise to reduce local property taxes, a promise that has often been made and never kept anywhere.

Only lower spending leads to lower taxes, as a wise governor once said.