Joe Biden keeps saying he will beat Donald Trump “like a drum” if the former vice president wins the Democrats’ presidential nomination.

But a lot of voters may never hear that drum, what with all the noise surrounding Biden and his son and their own off-key Ukrainian performance.

Perception often being reality in today’s political world, the perception that Biden created over his son’s suspect Ukrainian dealings is an astonishingly bad one. To have the vice president “in charge” of our dealings with that country while his son was being lavishly paid by a company under investigation was colossally poor judgment, at best.

Biden can insist, as he has, that his son’s dealings in Ukraine had nothing to do with him, even as he was bragging about getting a Ukraine prosecutor fired. (The prosecutor having claimed corruption on the part of the company on whose board young Biden served.)

Even if that were true, the vice president should have never taken on Ukraine as his responsibility and he should have made it clear that he had nothing to do with his son’s dealings. (He also should have tried to keep his son from being entangled in such foreign affairs, but sons don’t always listen to the wisdom of their fathers.)

President Trump’s own dealings with Ukraine are now the subject of an impeachment inquiry and may well be a key issue in the 2020 election. But Joe Biden is clearly not the best candidate to press that issue. It is one of many reasons why he is not the best candidate for New Hampshire voters to choose to oppose Trump.