The news headline on a Friday Union Leader story reported that “NH House takes action against single-use plastic bags.”

News headlines shouldn’t take editorial license, but they can here. Ours would be: NH House takes action against shoppers.

The latest attempt to force shoppers to change their habits, and charge them for it, is a 10-cent tax on every plastic bag you use at the grocery store, unless the grocer uses a type of plastic whose thickness sounds more like that of a valise. (So thick, in fact, that even trendy California doesn’t require it.)

The 10-cent tax (that’s the starting price point, not the end) would be charged to you on each plastic bag you needed at the checkout.

Proponents say this is not a tax but merely a “fee.” They say the grocer gets to keep this to cover the cost of the new, thicker bags.

The real intent, proponents say, is to get you to bring your own reusable bags to the store. They call it BYOB (bring your own bag). These would be the ones that collect enough bacteria to make the CDC blush.

Here’s a thought: why not let people decide for themselves? If an individual feels strongly that plastic bags are an environmental problem, then let him or her go BYOB. Doesn’t Big Brother have a long enough shopping list of mandates as it is?