They are at it again. A couple of New Hampshire state representatives, still seething over the crime that is the United States of America, have a bill in to replace Columbus Day with something called Indigenous People’s Day.

Co-sponsor and perpetual whiner Tim Horrigan tips his hand to what really motivates him here. Explorer Christopher Columbus’ voyages were “violent and destructive, even by the standards of our century.”

And what might those “standards” be? Is Horrigan smearing the new century barely begun or is he mourning the 20th Century in which the United States won two world wars, went to the moon, and cured polio, etc?

Horrigan is a Democrat. We wonder if his party, now in control in Concord, will rally behind him with this nonsense.

Credit Rep. Chris True, Republican of Sandown, with an excellent counter to this blather.

“History is chock-full of terrible and horrible incidents,” True said. “Columbus was not a saint, but neither were the indigenous people. If we are going to attempt to erase our history so that bad people and bad actions are forgotten, then history class would be a short class.”

And what of Americans of Italian descent who are proud that an Italian did so much to open up the New World in 1492?

Rep. Al Baldasaro of Londonderry found the scrapping of Columbus Day idea an offensive one to those of his heritage.

On the same day the Union Leader reported on Horrigan’s horrible, no-good plan, we featured several photos of the newly restored state Senate chambers. It is part of a year-long celebration of the bicentennial of our State House.

We can’t imagine Rep. Horrigan and his pals will let this stand. A lot of history has happened at our State House in the last 200 years. Should it not be burned to the ground and the land given back to the “indigenous people?”