Just as there was much shouting and cries of hosannah from liberals when Kamala Harris joined the Democratic presidential race, the wailing and gnashing of teeth echoed across the land this week when the U.S. senator from California called it a day. The chief concern? Why, the Democrats might end up with nothing but white people on their national debate stage. Oh, the humanity.

Poor libs! Harris had checked the right boxes. She was a she. She was a person of color. She had apologized for prosecuting criminals in an earlier life. The only problem was that she had nothing much of substance to add to the race. She sang completely from the great liberal songbook, which Bernie Sanders had written and Elizabeth Warren has rearranged.

Those who try to attribute Harris’ demise to her lack of time or resources on the ground in New Hampshire are mistaken. While on-the-ground presence here does mean something, it means nothing if it is not matched by a message, a record, a distinct voice, and an infectious self-confidence. Candidates who don’t have those qualities won’t cut it in New Hampshire.