A longtime reader made these observations the other day.

A black-faced doctor who is Virginia’s governor urges citizens to comfort a baby and let it die.

Jeanne Shaheen, a U.S. senator, wants babies who are born alive to be denied healthcare.

And now Joe Biden wants taxpayers to pay for all abortions even after he has been voting for the Hyde Amendment for 40 years.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump secures his base and even attracts moderate Americans by protecting life.

Where, our reader asks, is a Democratic candidate for President who promises to protect the most vulnerable by protecting women and their unborn children?

A Democrat who opposes the death penalty, supports healthcare for all, and embraces life from conception to natural death, he contends, would stand head and shoulders above the current Democrat pack and might just beat the Donald.

True, but we won’t hold our breath waiting for such a candidate to step forward and neither should our reader. For Democrats who are pro-life, that ship has sailed.