“For the earth to live, capitalism must die.”

So read one of the signs in Manchester last Friday as part of worldwide youth protests about climate change. It ranked right up there with the chant, “hey, hey, ho, ho, climate change has got to go.”

To where, one wonders, is it “to go?” Reasonable people can and do disagree on just how much humans are contributing to climate change. But such mindless chants are meant to suggest that all climate changes are the work of mankind and they will all come to a stop with a snap of our fingers.

This is as nonsensical as the left’s term of “climate denier,” an Orwellian phrase of the first rank. We have yet to find anyone who “denies” the climate. But if you are, say, an impressionable young mind, you might think otherwise.

Indeed, you might think, like the Manchester sign-holder, that capitalism is killing the earth and that the greatest contributor to the gains and progress that mankind has made in the last few centuries must be snuffed out.

We wonder what the sign-holder is being taught should replace capitalism. Chinese communism, perhaps?