U.S. Rep. Chris Pappas got tweaked, and rightly so, for a help-wanted ad taken out by his Manchester restaurant. The issue is the proposed starting wage for a line-order cook with little or no experience. The wage: $12.50 per hour.

That is a bit less than the mandatory $15 minimum wage that Pappas, Annie Kuster, and their fellow Democrats want to foist on the nation.

Pappas knows the proposal isn’t going anywhere, but no doubt thinks it good window dressing (or maybe salad dressing?) to use when out campaigning “for the little guy,”

But it’s tough to square his public stance when his private business is offering a lower wage. New Hampshire Republicans noted that the Pappas-backed bill would eliminate the exemption for tips that many restaurant workers now enjoy.

Forcing restaurants to pay a high government-ordered minimum wage (as has happened in Calfifornia and other Democrat strongholds) results in higher meal prices for diners or fewer employees for restaurants or both.

New Hampshire law follows the current federal minimum wage, which is well below what even a starting cook is offered at Pappas’ place. We suspect that is true for most local eateries.

Rep. Pappas would be wise to stick to his own business in this regard and not try to mandate the rules for everyone else.