Columbus Day weekend is upon us and the weather forecast improves the farther into it we venture. We have radar; Columbus had only faith and self-confidence.

The world is a much better place due to that visionary and courageous explorer, the Genoan Cristoforo Colombo. We trust that this statement and the very mention of the man’s name will cause indignance among promoters of an Indigenous People’s Day for Oct. 12.

Columbus, certainly a flawed human being and a product of his times, was nonetheless the true admiral of the ocean seas. His ability to see beyond the horizons and set off in search of new ones (without Google Maps, by the way) is why the New World exists as it does.

That is a far better result than if Europeans had been confined to their limited environs for centuries longer.

But try to state such a position on some college campuses today and one would be shouted out of the classroom or off the stage, as happened to the acting Homeland Security director earlier this week.

Kevin McAleenan was trying to address a conference on immigration at the Georgetown University Law Center. He was repeatedly interrupted by blockheads uninterested in hearing any view but their own. He didn’t waste a lot of time on the inmates. He had better things to do.

The state of too many of America’s institutions of higher learning is deplorable and dangerous. It tempts one, on this particular weekend, to wonder whether the cynics were right — that we should have given the place back to the Indians.