Concord residents and parents might find solace in knowing that they are kept no deeper in the dark about their schools than is the state’s education commissioner. So they have that going for them.

The antics within the school board and administration in the wake of the Primo “Howie” Leung sex abuse allegation would be amusing to watch were they not so serious. Student warnings about the teacher were ignored. The student who initially brought them was punished. (And has since received a settlement from the district.)

The superintendent announced that the high school principal was taking a voluntary paid leave of absence. The school board chair then announced that the principal AND the superintendent were being placed on paid administrative leave. The acting superintendent, it turns out, did not meet the credential level for her regular job (One wonders if credentials are all that good a standard for these posts.)

Last weekend, Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut read in the Concord Monitor that the high school principal, even though on leave, has in fact been working, just not from his office.

Having someone being paid to do nothing while on such leave has always struck us as counter-productive. Fashioning productive work for the individual that doesn’t touch on the case at hand seems reasonable.

But not informing the public, in fact deliberately misleading people to think otherwise, is unreasonable and outrageous and the dunderheads responsible for this fiasco should be put on permanent unpaid leave, starting with the upcoming school board election.