New Hampshire’s Supreme Court made the right call in allowing a Manchester school district charter commission election to go forward yesterday.

It is not that the choosing of nine commission members is a life-or-death issue. Delaying that particular vote would not have been catastrophic.

But coming on the very eve of the overall city election, a stop order would have caused city and ward clerks and officials untold extra hours of time and effort on what is already a pretty stressful day for them. The news of such a delay may have also confused some voters into thinking the entire election was off.

This is not to say that the charter election results will or should hold up. The clear wording of enabling legislation for this election specifies a filing period different from the one City Clerk Matt Normand chose.

If the court ultimately rules the election invalid, a “do-over” might not be easily accomplished. Would new legislation be needed? Could the issues be resolved in time for an election on the same day as our next presidential primary? If not, how much would a separate, special election cost the taxpayers?

One bit of advice for the charter commission members elected on Tuesday: You might want to wait a bit before getting down to business.