Why hasn’t the town of Durham just given itself “back to the Indians?”

Excuse us. We mean “back to the Indigenous People,’’ of course.

The town that scuttled Columbus Day in favor of the “indigenous’’ is also the one where indignant people are always looking to become more indignant. A gaggle of them are demanding the U.S. Post Office dispense with a mural depicting town history regarding “Indian’’ vs. settlers’ struggles.

We were close to thinking Durham had finally piped down until we saw our Tuesday Union Leader headline. The town “Human Rights Commission’’ recommends that the rights of Christians to see a Christmas tree on town property be denied.

Town Manager Todd Selig suggests a “winter carnival’’ theme instead of lighting a Christmas tree. Selig has been okay with the tree in the past, choosing to consider it nonreligious. But a request for a display of a nine-foot menorah in the same public space (denied) got him to thinking about the tree, too.

That is the key problem in Durham — way too much thinking about how someone, somewhere may some day be somewhat put out of sorts because a symbol respecting one of the nation’s founding religions or another part of our history was put on public display.