In the matter of the dead duck and the Kennett High School football players, we find for the school and the Fish and Game Department.

We don’t mean to make light of the situation, but those in Conway and elsewhere who seem to be trying to make a federal case out of this incident are off base.

The punishment meted out to these juvenile delinquents fits the crime, in which a football team member used a broomstick to beat a duck while another player videotaped the incident and other players presumably watched.

A third player then intervened and, apparently to spare it from more suffering, dispatched the bird.

Kennett High officials obtained the video and notified Conway police and Fish and Game. School Superintendent Kevin Richard and school board Chairman Joe Lentini said that players involved received “varying levels of consequences and supports.”

We wish the pair had spoken with a bit more specificity and in English (“levels” of “supports?”).

But our correspondent, John Koziol, reports that discipline included some game suspensions for involved players and some form of community service.

Fish and Game Col. Kevin Jordan said Kennett High School acted appropriately. The school “stood up,’’ he said, “and we should all be happy about that.”