Gov. Sununu Inaugural Address

Gov. Chris Sununu gives his inaugural address at the State House in Concord.

Next year’s gubernatorial election may be one of the rare times when the Democrats’ candidate doesn’t bother to take an anti-tax pledge he or she has no intention of keeping.

Put another way, given the example of the current Democratic-controlled Legislature, the next nominee for governor will have a lot of explaining to do should he or she pledge to veto a broadbased sales or income tax.

The Democrats now running the New Hampshire House have just passed a budget that is pure tax-and-spend, no bones about it. Some $400 million in new taxes are added, including a brand new capital gains tax and a disastrous reversal of promised business tax cuts.

Even as New Hampshire tries to attract new businesses and expand existing ones, this plan to reverse promised tax reductions sends a terribly wrong signal. The Democrats then double-down on their anti-business policy by trying to impose a mandatory “family leave” plan.

If this crowd sat down and deliberately tried to discourage private business in New Hampshire, it would have to work to beat what it has done here.

A New Hampshire governor once stated the obvious: Low taxes are the result of low spending. But there is no low spending in the Democrats’ budget. It instead calls for much new spending.

The one thing this budget attempted to cut was the money for a much-needed, and promised, secure psychiatric facility for the mentally ill. That was such a public relations fiasco that it has now restored money for planning the facility.

Gov. Chris Sununu had wisely proposed using surplus funds from the current budget for one-time projects, thus not requiring recurring spending. The Democrats don’t like that idea, so they instead plan to build in new spending that will only increase, causing even more pressure for a state income tax.

New Hampshire taxpayers have long reasoned that their wallets were safe because both party nominees for governor took the Pledge.

That isn’t enough, not if they let spenders like this current bunch keep legislative power.