It was hard to pick which Democratic giveaway last week was the most appalling: the Bernie Sanders’ “all college debt forgiven” plan or all candidates letting it be known that if you come here illegally, you will not be sent home, ever. Government-mandated health insurance for all ran a poor third to these.

A couple of candidates who shared the “debate” stage with Bernie did allow as how it might not be a good idea to wipe from the books all debt from ALL students. Perhaps, they said, those in the top 1 percent of income (the same 1 percent that is going to be taxed out of existence) should have to pay back their loans.

But neither Bernie nor Elizabeth Warren nor their peers had anything to say about the completely indefensible increases in college costs that are driving that student debt.

“All debts forgiven” is instead a sure-fire formula for encouraging those outrageous costs to soar even more.

No doubt the bill will increase even more because all the candidates on the NBC candidate talkfest want all illegals to be included in free health coverage. And there will be a lot more of them, as word spreads in Central America and around the globe that there will be no more of this deportation stuff under a Democratic President.

Unless one has a criminal record, any and all who find a way to enter the United States illegally will not be sent back.

We predict Bernie is going to have to go one better to regain his “free stuff” edge. Perhaps paying air, bus, or boat fare so the illegals can travel here in comfort?