We hadn’t thought of Tulsi Gabbard as a whistleblower but the Democratic presidential hopeful from Hawaii may have to enter a witness protection program to be shielded from her own party.

Gabbard asked supporters last week whether she should boycott this Tuesday’s televised “debate.” She says it’s not a true debate (she’s right there). She says it’s part of her national party’s effort to replace the role of voters in New Hampshire and elsewhere by “using polling and other arbitrary methods which are not transparent or democratic...”

The “so-called debates,” she says, “are not debates at all, but rather commercialized reality television meant to entertain rather than to inform or enlighten.”

This is not new. The DNC in 2016 did its best to rig its selection process to favor Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders and others. Indeed, it opposed a final Clinton-Sanders debate before the New Hampshire primary, relenting only when this newspaper agreed to bow out as a sponsor.

Gabbard’s move is in part a publicity stunt and Hail Mary pass.

She is one of several candidates hoping their message can break through with New Hampshire voters and make them contenders. That has become an ever taller order.

Gabbard won’t skip the reality show. She also won’t get much air time, as the TV types fawn over the bigger names.

What she should do is use every opportunity to pound the rigged system.

When they shut off her microphone, she might remind the audience that the same tactic was tried in Nashua with a guy named Reagan.