Clarice Davis


We don’t know if Keene High senior Clarice Davis will succeed in convincing the school board to let her and others wear their military sashes at graduation, but we wouldn’t bet against her. We also wouldn’t bet against her contributing greatly to her country in the years ahead.

School rules prevent Davis and 10 other upcoming grads who are entering the military from showing off that pride by wearing their branch insignia at commencement this week. That seems to us to be plain wrong.

Our military has regained much public support, even as the wars and trouble spots to which they are sent remain divisive. Witness the crowd response when schools such as Southern New Hampshire University call upon grads entering the military to stand and be recognized at commencement.

That feeling is no doubt why Davis’ petition to change the school’s position quickly gained 1,600 signatures.

Equally impressive was the way in which she is going about her quest. In the past, some students simply ignored the school rule and wore their military insignia at graduation.

But Davis doesn’t agree with that approach.

Wearing the insignia without permission is, she feels, not the proper way or the military way.

“I wanted to respectfully disagree,” she explained. “The military teaches us the chain of command is important.”

To which we say, Hooah!