It was pointed out this past week that in New Hampshire, highly subsidized mountaintop wind turbines are routinely licensed to kill large numbers of migrating and otherwise protected birds.

And we do this in the name of “sustainability,” an environmental god.

The mathematically challenged love these whirling monuments, which without subsidies could not compete in the marketplace.

Yet devotees compare them favorably to proposed power lines transmitting hydroelectricity. The latter should be buried, foes say.

On the other hand, buried gas transmission lines are to be stopped at all costs.

Plastic straws and shopping bags must also be banned, even as developers remove tons of agricultural top soil in Londonderry in the name of a “New Urbanism,” yet another deity of green people globally.

Meanwhile, early this morning an uncontrolled thermo-nuclear reaction occurred almost unnoticed when the sun rose. We have learned how to replicate a version of the sun’s power generation. It is ultra clean environmentally, with zero greenhouse gases, but superstitiously unacceptable.

A Seabrook Unit II could miniaturize this sun-like power and replace the avian abattoirs to the north while gracefully retiring the 18th century coal trains to our south. But teaching logic in our schools has been replaced with a new earth science.

What a brave new world.