We don’t live in Epping and no longer use its Main Street to access the beach (okay, we don’t get out much). Therefore, on the matter of the purple house, we vote aye.

“Aye” as in yes, not as in eyesore.

Our favorite story in last Friday’s Union Leader was correspondent Jason Schreiber’s report on town reaction to artist Vandy Leigh’s eye-popping purple paint job on a Main Street Victorian home she bought last year.

Ms. Leigh intends to turn the residence into a creative community art space. She certainly has been creative, painting the place in shades of purple while leaving the roof red. She says the colors are in the Victorian tradition and include a lilac and a deeper plum.

She might also add that they are in the New Hampshire tradition. If we have a state color, it must be purple, what with the purple finch as state bird and the purple lilac as our state flower.

Question we have long pondered: isn’t “purple lilac” redundant?

We have yet to see the purple place in person but we may swing by the next time we pop over to Popovers, also in Epping.