The U.S. women’s soccer team wants to be paid more. A cheer is going up across the land from fans, demanding equal pay for the women for their equal work. That is a decision best left to the marketplace and surely the value of the women’s team has increased. They are, after all, repeat world champions.

If fans want to see higher pay, then they and advertisers will need to put their money where their mouths are. Either that, or they can wait until Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren make it the law. That may be a bit awkward for these purveyors of socialism but perhaps Bernie, et. al. will want to keep things even by raising all Americans’ pay to the level of sports stars. It would be a nice addition to their plans for free college tuition for all, with all past debts forgiven.

We happen to think that most players on most major league sports teams are grossly overpaid for their efforts but they are getting what the public will tolerate and the traffic will bear. If fans are willing to pay the price, which includes the cost of products advertised as well as the costs to build and maintain mega-stadiums, as well as cable fees and tickets, so be it. Let the equal pay games begin.

But let’s not kid ourselves. Whether it’s men or women, kicking a ball around a field does not quite stack up with soldiers on patrol in hostile lands or police walking a night beat in an inner city.

The games and players are entertainers. The soldiers and police are heroes.