The Democrats on the Executive Council made themselves look more asinine than usual Wednesday on the matter of the Hillsborough County Attorney’s office.

As they played politics with a serious law enforcement matter, they claimed it was Attorney General Gordon MacDonald who was trying to overturn an election result by stepping into the dysfunctional county office.

It happens to be MacDonald’s job, as the overseer of criminal prosecutions in the state, to make sure that work is being done competently. He has reluctantly stepped in here because the elected county attorney, Michael Conlon, appears not to know how to do the job he sought without having any experience in the field.

MacDonald resisted several pleas from both his own office and law enforcement to step in much earlier, in part because Conlon was new to the job. Also, MacDonald’s office has its hands full as it is.

That is why he and Gov. Chris Sununu tapped current state drug coordinator David Mara, a former Manchester police chief, to oversee criminal cases in the county office.

The only politics being played here was by Democrat Councilors Andru Volinsky and Debora Pignatelli. The third Democrat, Michael Cryans, chose not to vote on the Mara nomination, which lost on a two-two tie. (Republicans Ted Gatsas and Russell Prescott voted in favor.)

The Democrats on the council can’t get it through their heads that, unlike them, Gordon MacDonald is not all about party politics. His nomination to be state Supreme Court chief justice earlier this summer also fell victim to their rank partisanship.

MacDonald’s office will still oversee criminal prosecutions in Hillsborough County. It won’t be easy and other state law issues may have to wait. The people of New Hampshire will know whom to “thank’’ for that.